2016-2017 Program Costs

2016-2017 Alpine Program and Associated Costs

 Program and Pass Costs
Rate S6 Pass License
Core DEVO $350 SEE LINK n/a
Core DEVO 1 Day $200 SEE LINK n/a
U10 Competition $450 SEE LINK if racing then VARA/USSA
U10 Competition 1 Day $250 SEE LINK if racing then VARA/USSA
U12 and up All Mtn. $450 SEE LINK if racing then VARA/USSA
U12 and up All Mtn.  1.Day $250 SEE LINK if racing then VARA/USSA
U12 Race Team $800 SEE LINK VARA/USSA (youth)
U14 Race Team $950 SEE LINK VARA/USSA (youth)
U16 Race Team $995 SEE LINK VARA/USSA (youth)
U18 Race Team $995 SEE LINK VARA/USSA (competitor)


All Program Fees will be subject to a 10% increase after December 1, 2016

Club Membership Fee – Nordic and Alpine

A Club membership fee of $300 is charged per family that opts out of Winter Greens Fundraiser. The online registration site provides you the option to pay the fee or commit to selling 15 wreaths. For more information about the Wreath Sale  goto http://skirunners.org/support/

Alpine Work Obligation Fee – $500 per family 

WSR and S6 host a number of races each year.  For example, the annual Fisk Trophy race, the oldest ski race in the country, invites elite athletes to participate, many of whom are current collegiate racers and former National Team members. Like all Ski Clubs, Woodstock Ski Runners’ needs parent volunteers to work the races to ensure we meet USSA safety requirements.

This year WSR and S6 will host 8 races at which we will need 26 volunteers for each. We ask that each family with children in U10 Competition, U12 All Mountain and  U12-U18 Race Teams work at two races per child with a maximum of 5 races per family. We ask that families with children in Core DEVO work 1 (one) race per child.  A $500 fee is paid up front as part of the registration fee for those who choose to OPT OUT and who are unable to work any races.

Optional Fees at WSR Ski Lodge at S6

Ski Locker holds 3 pair of skis $80
Boot Locker small $25
Boot Locker large $35


Link to VARA

Link to USSA


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Woodstock Ski Runners
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It is a proud tradition and an ongoing mission to instill a life-long passion for on-snow sports for the children of our community. By providing a FUN, supportive, family-oriented environment we ensure access to both introductory and competitive programs in Alpine, Nordic and Free Ride disciplines.

Refund Policy

No Program fee refunds will be granted after January 1, 2018. Prior to that there is a $25.00 handling fee. There will be a $25.00 handling fee for all returned checks. Partial payments are not permitted

Privacy Policy

Woodstock Ski Runners is committed to providing the highest level of security and privacy regarding the collection and use of our online registrants’ personal information, as well as that of all visitors to our web site.

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