Dear Woodstock Ski Runner members and friends,

It appears as though we might actually experience winter this year. Temperatures are finally seasonal and our programs will now be under way. Despite the lack of snow, I wanted to thank everyone, coaches, athletes and parents for having a positive attitude over our Christmas camps. Our commitment and love for skiing makes Ski Runners a great organization. In that light, I wanted to let everyone know that ourWinter Celebration will be held on FEBRUARY 27 at the Woodstock Golf Club. The Ski Runners Board has put a lot of thought and effort into making this year’s Celebration a really fun party as well as continuing to be one of our most important fundraisers. Please mark your calendars now. This is a weekend that should be convenient for all of our members with few conflicts. The Masters race will be held at S6 on that day and we will be hosting a U12 slalom at S6 on sunday the 28th. There are no other scheduled races that weekend. The Golf Club will provide us with an excellent venue for a fun gathering as well as a great place to run our silent and live auction. We have reduced the ticket price this year in the hopes of increasing the turn out for the event. Most importantly, this is one of the few times that the entire club can come together for a fun night of food, drink, music and camaraderie. So save the date. With the balmy December we experienced, we have had little time to socialize so far this season. Lets change that! A formal invitation will be sent to all soon. Many thanks for all of your enthusiasm and support.
Think Snow,
Peter Brooke

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It is a proud tradition and an ongoing mission to instill a life-long passion for on-snow sports for the children of our community. By providing a FUN, supportive, family-oriented environment we ensure access to both introductory and competitive programs in Alpine, Nordic and Free Ride disciplines.

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No Program fee refunds will be granted after January 1, 2018. Prior to that there is a $25.00 handling fee. There will be a $25.00 handling fee for all returned checks. Partial payments are not permitted

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